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Why Fleet Wealth

Do you want an advisor who always puts your interest first?

At Fleet Wealth, we take our fiduciary duty seriously and are committed to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.                                       Our goal is to provide objective advice and holistic financial planning, so you live life on your terms

What makes us different?

Our Philosophy&#160;<br/>&#8220;There Is No Holy Grail for Investing&#8221;

Our Philosophy 
“There Is No Holy Grail for Investing”

Worried about inflation and outliving your money? How about taxes and rising healthcare costs?

These are critical issues affecting your long-term financial success.

PROBLEM: The traditional way to reduce investment risk is to divide assets among different classes - stocks, bonds, cash. Presumably, they act differently in different market conditions. In reality, most investors have portfolios that only do well when the stock market is rising. That's why so many people lost money in 2000-2002 and 2008- 2009.

SOLUTION: We have a different mindset and diversify clients' money not only among asset classes but also different investment strategies.
Our Strategies

Our Strategies

Unlike many advisors, we combine diverse strategies into a single account, bringing risk management to a whole new level.

Since each strategy responds differently to various market conditions, it helps narrow the risk.

We also use proprietary quantitative and technical analytics. This way, we take advantage of the various market inefficiencies such as trend following and investors' behavioral biases.

When we form the method, we follow a rigorous testing protocol. It is critical to gain confidence and develop new strategies.

Our Income Approach

Our Income Approach

Today, we live in a depressed interest-rate environment. Many people with hard-earned savings have meager income-producing options. Result? They only can preserve the initial investment.

Our approach is to maximize our clients' income. We use high-yielding instruments and manage risk through:

  • diversification
  • portfolio rebalancing
  • dividend growing components within the portfolio

While this approach may result from time to time in portfolio fluctuations, it meets its primary goal of generating higher cash flows.

Client Experience<br/>

Client Experience

Exceptional Service. We are accessible to answer any of your questions. Weekly newsletters give you our latest market perspective.

Transparent Fee Structure. Our straightforward fee structure is based on size of your portfolio. Since no commissions, - no incentive to trade your account frequently.

Generational Wealth Transfer. Fleet helps set a solid foundation to transfer your wealth and make smart investments from the beginning.

Account Management. You have online account access with complete transparency and reporting (no hidden fees or lock-up periods).

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