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Private Wealth Management

What is Wealth? The Kennedys and Rockefellers?

It is the source of comfort, education, and freedom. But it’s not only for the super rich. The middle-class can and often do leave money to kids and grandkids. The trick is to start early.

It is critical that you understand four stages of Wealth Cycle

Accumulation ┃ Protection ┃ Distribution ┃ Transfer



During the Accumulation phase, you work and save for your future like retirement.

You should consider things like cash flow, investment options, and risk strategies. Also critical is how all the choices you make align with your goals.

But your goals may change as your journey evolves. For this, we have the tools to analyze, assess, and educate you as we guide you in building your wealth.



Do you know that it is easier to build wealth than protect it? 

Here, you need right tools: life, health, disability insurance, and more. Why?

Example: if your car got totaled in an accident, would you have the cash to replace it? 

The same applies to people's lives. Your ability to earn money is your greatest asset to provide stability for you and your family. What if you get hurt?



It’s time to start spending. You are in the third phase of the Wealth Cycle. But you should do it most effectively.

For this, you need to know your investments well and understand: 

  • how the market affects your investments
  • how to best use your company's retirement plans
  • how to calculate medical costs
  • how to choose the right Medicare
  • how to pick the correct Social Security options

Let us take care of that so you enjoy the longest vacation of your life.



The last stage in The Wealth Cycle is the transfer stage. You want to leave a legacy and ask a critical question: "What do I do with what I have left?" 

With the right plan, you can:

  • transfer your assets in the most risk-and tax-efficient way
  • have peace of mind while providing the gift of wealth to your loved ones, and/or charities
  • be confident in proper management of your assets

We will work closely with you and your beneficiaries. You can take pleasure in helping your loved ones enter into their own wealth cycles.