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  • What types of clients does Fleet work with?

    Fleet serves individuals and small businesses. We specialize in helping women going through a life transition such as divorce, death of a spouse, change of employment, and retirement, who need support through the process.

  • Where are client assets held?

    Fleet holds most clients' assets at Interactive Broker, a qualified custodian and a broker-dealer. We also have relationships with other major custodians to provide safekeeping of our clients' assets. Partnering with these firms provides our clients with an extra layer of security.

  • What is the minimum account size?

    To effectively implement a sound investment strategy using the Fleet methodology, clients need to have a minimum of $50,000 of investable assets.

  • Is Fleet a "fund"?

    No. In a mutual fund, you buy a share in a pool of securities, and the fund itself owns the securities. Also, investors have no control when a fund realizes taxable capital gains in a mutual fund. Opposite to a mutual fund, at Fleet, you have a separately managed account, where you, as an individual investor, own all the investments inside of your portfolio. In addition, with managed accounts, you can minimize tax liability, have complete transparency and control over your assets.

  • Is there a lockup period for investing with Fleet?

    No. Clients have total access to their capital at any time.

  • How are fees charged?

    Investment advisory fees are billed directly through the account payable as an annualized percentage of net liquidation value applied monthly. Clients receive a detailed breakdown of every fee charged on a monthly basis and annually.

  • Can Fleet manage my 401(k), 403(b), 457(b) or similar qualified retirement plan?

    Yes, but typically not until you leave your company. Most employers’ retirement plans won’t allow you to take money out of the company plan until you leave the company. If you have a plan from an old employer, we can help you make a “direct rollover” into a Rollover IRA that we can manage. This method helps prevent potentially negative tax consequences.