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Our Firm's primary focus is working with and supporting affluent women going through a life transition such as divorce, the death of a spouse, or retirement. We know that many women facing life transitions, such as divorce or death, are forced to make major financial decisions while confronted with the difficulty of dissolving a marriage or losing a husband. Our Wealth Management Firm can guide you through your journey by helping you through the financial and emotional aspects of building confidence and seeking the freedom that you deserve.

Our mission is to make it easier for you by creating a financial road map you can follow to maintain your lifestyle, secure your financial independence, and gain peace of mind from a financial partner you can trust.

As a fee-only and fiduciary firm without commission incentives and conflicts of interest in the picture, we're able to deliver recommendations that solely serve your best interests. We take great pride in designing and implementing integrated and unbiased strategies for our clients' needs. We develop investment strategies to build client wealth during bull markets, while simultaneously protecting client capital from losses during severe market downturns. Our approach seeks to achieve our clients' investment objectives by employing two principal proprietary strategies - Capital Appreciation and Income Generation.

Unlike "Buy & Hold" strategists that use this popular style and spread it all around the pie chart approach to investing, Fleet Wealth Management specializes in utilizing techniques akin to global tactical investment managers. The primary objective of our Capital Appreciation strategy is to build client wealth by participating in sustained "bull" markets and, at times, opportunistically taking advantage of the "Bear" markets. This tactical strategy uses our technical indicators to choose the best spots for entering and exiting markets, thus delivering over the long run higher than market performance, with lower than market volatility. The Income Generation strategy maximizes a sustainable income stream for clients seeking steady cash flow in the current yield-starved investment climate. Our portfolios are comprised of a diversified range of high-yielding instruments to limit individual concentration and ensure sufficient liquidity at all times. We manage the risk through diversification, portfolio rebalancing, and introducing dividend growing components within the portfolio. While this approach may, from time to time, result in market value portfolio fluctuations, it meets its primary objective of generating higher-yielding cash flows.

We use a thorough due diligence process in evaluating our client's needs, capacity, and tolerance for risk before we put together a tailored strategy to satisfy their specific financial objectives. Following this determination, we implement our plan by using the proper mix of Income Generation and Capital Appreciation vehicles to deliver the desired results.

We provide our clients with the capability to invest $500,000 or more with access to world-class tactical and strategic money management -- a service typically available only to institutional and high-net-worth investors.

Our investment management process is firmly grounded by extensive quantitative and qualitative research and dynamic, tactical portfolio construction that strives to invest in the best performing securities. By offering a combination of asset management with continuing oversight, we believe that Fleet delivers a unique strategic investment advantage to our clients.