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Planning Planning for Widows

We know how hard it is to handle the emotional challenges of losing your husband and at the same time making major financial decisions. We’ll help you sort through the complicated financial process and prioritize what needs to be addressed now and what can be taken care of later.

It’s common to have lots of tough questions after losing your spouse. You might wonder:

  • How will I take care of my family without my partner?
  • How do I pay my bills?
  • Do I need to get a job?
  • What do I do with my spouse’s retirement plans?
  • Is it smart to combine IRA accounts?
  • Am I entitled to part of my spouse’s pension?
  • What happens with Social Security?
  • Now, what do I do for health insurance

These are all important issues, and when you’re ready to start looking toward the future, we’ll be here to help you sort through it all, and create a plan that works for you and your family.

Important advisors such as your attorney, financial advisor, and accountant are available to answer questions and support you during this difficult time. They each have a role to play in assisting you in taking care of your late husband’s estate and other pressing matters.

Here’s how they can help:

Attorney: Your attorney will guide you through the probate process including:

  • Updating your will
  • Check your estate planning documents

Certified Public Accountant:

  • Determine which benefits are taxable and which aren’t.
  • Maximize deductions and plan for all your upcoming tax obligations including estate taxes and returns for living trusts.

Financial Planner: The third member of your team of professionals is perhaps the most important when it comes to helping you create a comfortable and confident financial future. Fleet can assess your current financial situation and the impact of your husband’s passing on your financial situation going forward.

With Fleet Wealth Management Group TM at your side, here are the most immediate financial priorities to deal with:

Probate the will - petition for probate

Deal with life insurance

Apply for Survivor Benefits - Social Security Office

Retitle Accounts

Review Loans, Bills and Financial Obligations

Cancel Payments no longer relevant

As your partner in managing your finances, Fleet can craft a financial roadmap or update any existing financial plans focusing on your goals and dreams to ensure you maintain your lifestyle now and for the rest of your life. Consider Fleet as your coach, support, and accountability partner as you transition into a new stage of life.
This is a difficult time, but you’re not alone. At Feet Wealth TM, we’re experts at helping widows navigate the financial details. We always work with your best interests in mind. Find out how we can empower and support you by scheduling a conversation with us below.