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The Fleet Client Experience

Fleet Wealth Management strives to provide an exceptional overall client experience. Unlike many advisors, we are fully accessible to answer any of our client’s questions about their accounts as often as they need. We issue weekly market sentiment newsletters that keep our clients up-to-date on our market perspective and how we are positioned.

At Fleet Wealth Management, we have a simple, transparent fee structure based on the size of your portfolio. We don’t earn commissions so there’s no incentive for us to buy or sell investment products or trade your account frequently. This aligns our interests with yours: in other words, if you do better, we do better.

Fleet helps clients transfer wealth across generations. Over our decades of industry experience, we’ve worked with accounts of multigenerational families. We understand the importance of setting a foundation with the younger generations to help transfer wealth and make smart investments from the beginning.

Fleet holds the majority of client assets at Interactive Brokers, one of the world’s most trusted and experienced financial services companies. We also have relationships with a multitude of other custodians to help suit our clients’ needs. By only holding their assets at third-party custodians, clients can be assured that assets are held for safe-keeping by a trusted financial institution.

Fleet offers online account access that provides complete transparency into their accounts, along with asset reporting to monitor their portfolio. Clients are not subject to hidden fees or lock-up periods that are often found in hedge funds or mutual funds.