Barry Giske

Managing Director

Barry Giske is the Managing Director and Founder of Fleet Wealth Management Group. Barry is responsible for the strategic and directional outlook of the firm with the vision of creating a truly world-class experience for his clients. Mr. Giske began  his career  in  the securities  industry  in  2005  and  has  more  than  15  years  of experience as an investment professional. The early stages of Barry’s career in the financial services industry were impressive. Before starting Fleet Wealth Management, he held an executive management position at the AEGON Group, a well-known fortune 100 life Insurance company where the full array of financial planning products and services are available.

 In 2007 Mr. Giske again expanded his expertise and concentrated on the Investment Advisory business. Barry quickly gravitated towards Investment Advisor International (IAI), AEGONS Registered Investment Advisory Company.  Barry quickly rose thru the ranks to earn the position of the IAI Manhattan branch principal and marketing director. It was then that Mr. Giske  realized  the majority  of  his  client’s  risk  appetites  were  not  suitable  for  the  buy-and-hold strategies  they  typically  had  invested  in. Barry  believes  that effective  portfolio  management  should  mitigate  market  volatility  to  give  investors  peace  of  mind.

In November of 2008 Mr. Giske left the AGEON Group and formed Fleet Wealth   Management Group which is affiliated with Fairport Capital, Inc. to be able to provide a larger array of financial services.  In the later part of 2008 Mr. Giske assembled  his  investment  team  to  develop  suitable  proprietary  tactical  investment strategies  based  on  extensive quantitative and qualitative research. The development of Fleet’s proprietary risk-scaled products involves research, methodology selection, data collection and analysis, prototyping, back-testing, and performance monitoring. Fleet’s tactical strategies use our technical indicators to choose the best spots for entering and exiting markets, with the objective to deliver over the long run higher than market performance, with lower than market volatility

Mr. Giske has narrowed his practice to work with a small group of professionals who each provide a unique skill as part of his financial team. Expertise ranging from Trust and Wills attorneys, Accounting, Estate Planning, Long Term Care, Corporate and Group benefit specialists, Portfolio Management and other financial specialties. Mr. Giske specializes in serving affluent women going through a life transition such as Divorce or Death, Asset Management, and Estate Planning. Mr. Giske continues to build his practice on the principals of personal service and risk management. Barry believes those are the fundamentals principals of his business

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