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Financial Independence For Every Woman!

Let's face it: many women today have no knowledge or skillsets to be financially independent. And it is especially true if you are going through a life-changing event like divorce, death of a spouse, or retirement. You might be anxious and often make financial decisions while in emotional distress. Solution?

You need a trusted partner who will guide you through your journey. At Fleet Wealth Management, our mission is to help women going through a life transition avoid costly mistakes, secure their financial future, and sleep well at night.

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Focused on You

Rather than focusing on product sales or commission-based portfolios, we focus on your goals and aspirations. Our services span from investment management to financial planning, but one thing stays the same: we are focused on you.

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Designed for You

A New Approach to Planning

Planning for only one life event would be like having only one puzzle piece and expecting the entire picture to come together. We utilize a comprehensive approach to help you design your masterpiece.

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